We are LysisLogic

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by Renzo Silva and Steve Larter/ on 15 Mar 2019

We are LysisLogic

Welcome to LysisLogic!

This inaugural post navigates you on how LysisLogic came about, and how we aspire to be useful for a society experiencing an energy and social transition.


The petroleum exploration and production sector, and more generally, the whole energy industry, has faced very important transitions over the past decade:

  • Only a few oil companies now maintain and operate significant research facilities in-house.
  • Academia has slowly transitioned away from carrying out petroleum research in general.
  • The major oil service companies bought small and medium enterprises (SME) that had been developing new methods and tools for industry. Other SME’s have closed their doors.
  • There is an ever-increasing environmental and political pressure driving industry and society to think of energy resources beyond the fossil fuel era, including ideation around using petroleum in ways other than solely by combustion.
  • • Climate change concerns have brought much attention to the need for reducing the carbon load in the atmosphere and this is being now driven by the finance and insurance industries to require rapid change in the fossil fuel supply and utilization sector.

There remains a need for R&D efforts for optimized hydrocarbon exploration, and novel technologies that will permit energy recovery and use from fossil fuels without any carbon emitted to the atmosphere. There is also a real need for carbon free energy supply systems and LysisLogic Inc. is a forward-looking company with aspirations way beyond the oil patch. We think and operate in all these spaces - come and talk to us!

Our motivation

We are thrilled with the opportunities and challenges ahead of us! All the LysisLogic co-founders were nested in academia when the company was born, and we all shared the same vision that acting beyond the academia borders is imperative. Within LysisLogic and its multi-pronged startup-like structure, we have a unique opportunity to nurture applied research and offer our expertise in organic matter transformation for a broader audience within and well beyond the energy industry.


The granular competence of our team is our unique expertise in complex organic matter transformations, natural or engineered, over geological or short time scales. It serves us well to derive value from novel geochemical tools, produce new materials with renewable energy applications from petroleum and other feedstocks, and to provide solutions to the large-scale carbon management challenges necessary to mitigate human accelerated climate change. For organization purposes, we have two main solution streams:

Advanced Petroleum System Tools. Designed to assist businesses in their quest for optimized petroleum exploration. We have developed, through multiple industry partnerships, the scientific knowledge to enable a set of innovative tools that we now want the community to explore. Currently, there are two offerings see here, but a more will become available soon.

Energy Transition Technologies - and beyond. Herein, Here, literally the sky is the limit and we have development projects underway, working with other academic groups and startups, in the advanced battery material space, in high-value chemical provision from heavy oil and bitumen, a large-scale carbon management system and even looking at how our expertise in complex organic material alteration can be used to improve and add value to consumer product streams.

Call for action

Take a tour through our website, get to know us and our services, and contact us anytime with your inquiries, comments, and help requests.


The LysisLogic team