Reservoir modelling

Reservoir modelling

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Challenge existing assumptions, derive new insights, and leverage your geochemical and system modelling information to optimize your subsurface reservoir system strategies.

Leverage your geochemical information as a compass for model accuracy

Modelling has long been a core technology in the petroleum and increasingly in the carbon storage industry space, however most models fail to capture the key aspects of charging a reservoir at scale, resulting in an incomplete exploration puzzle.

Our reservoir systems modeling, powered by our in-house software, delivers probabilistic assessments of critical parameters impacting fluid composition over time. These strategic recommendations optimize your exploration activities, pushing your knowledge boundaries.

Key Benefits

  1. Understand the impact of parameters on present-day fluid quality in petroleum reservoirs.
  2. Interpret and interact with realistic simulated scenarios.
  3. Propose new experiments, access results within minutes.
  4. Become part of the energy transition and see your reservoir systems beyond mere containers for hydrocarbons and as routes to eliminating emissions from fossil fuel use.

“We embrace the fundamental uncertainties in the characterization and assessment of subsurface reservoir systems, we merge modern data tools, statistical modelling and science to better understand reservoir systems for diverse applications.” (Steve Larter, Co-founder and Petroleum Geologist)


+ What is the science behind the reservoir system models?

Our model is a deterministic stochastic solution, rapidly processing fluid migration and in-reservoir fluid alterations based on leading petroleum geoscience knowledge and accounting for inherent system data uncertainties. We use Monte Carlo simulations and thousands of rapid scenarios to set boundaries on petroleum or other reservoir system definitions, using present-day geochemical data as a model performance guide. This model encourages dynamic interaction and exploration of “what-if” scenarios to derive new insights. With our team’s expert guidance, challenge assumptions, interpret results, and maximize the value of each project.

+ What are the benefits of reservoir systems modelling?
  • Thousands of simulated scenarios are generated to enable a holistic understanding of the most critical petroleum system parameters on your petroleum system.
  • Key insights about the timing of events in a petroleum system can be derived from chemical changes to fluid over time, such as biodegradation.
  • Quickly test hypotheses and get actionable answers to the questions you have about a petroleum system.
+ What data is required?

We employ a probabilistic approach, meaning that petroleum system inputs are not taken as absolute truths. Oftentimes, working out a reasonable range or a series of educated guesses for any given parameter is enough to initiate progress on a project.

Each project is unique and so too are the approaches and data requirements thereof. At a high-level, the following inputs are frequently found to influence helpful outcomes:

  • Present-day geochemical information (used to constrain and evaluate models.)
  • Reservoir geometries and burial history.
  • Estimated charge volume and quality.
  • Linkage of organic and inorganic geochemical data.
  • Linkage with your own modelling and other studies.
+ What should I expect and how will results be shared?

You can expect constant communication and active collaboration opportunities with our team, from project inception and experimental design, all the way through to the delivery and interpretation of results. We find that the most impactful results stem from taking a highly collaborative approach, enabling your team to have an active and hands-on role throughout the process, and allowing our team to offer ongoing recommendations, ideas, and insights.

Results are shared through an interactive cloud report. Clients can drill down and drill through the data, filter experiments extensively, and play with a variety of simulations within the experiments at will. Sensitivity analysis, evolution of reservoir fluids over time, and probabilities of parameters are presented simply, and can be viewed and understood in an intuitive manner.

+ What are the costs associated with reservoir systems modelling?

Costs vary depending on the scope of the project. We do recommend that clients opt to engage in an extended geochemical assessment with our team to get the greatest value possible from their investment. Notably, once a project has been initiated, the costs of adding experiments to the already-established system are significantly lower. This flexible approach allows our clients to realize value, then opt to expand their experimentation process as needed, while still keeping their costs within a reasonable range.

To get a more detailed idea about anticipated costs, two high-level examples are provided below:

• A minimal project focused on deriving insights on charge and alteration of oil in one reservoir could fall within the range of $20-100k CAD, with an expected 1-4 months of turnaround time.
• A complex project encompassing studies of fluid exchange between multiple reservoirs, many experiments, and a strong R&D component, would fall in the range of $CAD 100k – 250k.
• For multi-petroleum system or storage reservoir assessments, we also offer clients the ability to opt into a subscription-based model, by which various experiments are designed, run, and made accessible over the long term for your company. Subscription costs are determined on a per-project basis, depending on agreed-upon requirements.

In most cases, additional arrangements can be made to accommodate discounted rates for future experiments, different data delivery formats, or any other customized aspect/request that will enable you to extract the maximum value of our services.

Our team prides ourselves on being transparent and flexible in our pricing. We approach each project on a case-by-case basis and are committed to working with our clients to achieve fair and mutually-beneficial terms for both sides. Please contact us if you have any questions; we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

+ Can my team/company use your software in-house?

Although our software is proprietary, it is not currently for sale as an out-of-the-box solution for in-house use. While we’re very proud of the technology we’ve developed, the value of our offering goes beyond algorithms and technology. We’ve crafted a service-oriented and holistic approach that encompasses team expertise and innovation-driven experiments, in addition to the software itself. Our offering saves your company time and expenses, and allows us to customize our deliverables to your unique business case.

With that said, we are certainly happy to discuss how our technology works in detail; the science is very transparent and there are no black boxes. Please send any specific inquiries to or contact us for more information.