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LysisLogic Inc. thrives on developing technologies out of natural or human-made processes impacting organic matter, occurring over short or geological time scales, through analysis, modeling, experimental design and creative thinking. While developing advanced petroleum system tools to make the exploration of (un)conventional resources more efficient, we also nurture early-stage technologies for the transitioning oil industry, such as oil beyond combustion solutions and large scale carbon management applications. Founded in 2019, LysisLogic Inc. is a spin-off company from the PRG - Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary. Our team has a great mix of experiences in both academia and industry, and the curiosity and pragmatism to develop useful solutions to challenges at hand.

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Innovation nursery

Our roots and standing partnerships within the academic ecosystem put us in a unique spot to develop, test and accelerate ideas in a range of technical and problem domains.

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Petroleum fluid residence time

Fresh out of a University of Calgary research program, our unique petroleum fluid reservoir residence time age dating technology is the most fundamental missing piece for constraining the accuracy of timing of petroleum system models.

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Petroleum system modelling

Combining new constraining parameters such as petroleum residence age with appropriately complex models of reservoir systems provides many new insights into exactly how petroleum reservoirs behave during petroleum charging.

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by Renzo Silva and Steve Larter/ on 15 Mar 2019

We are LysisLogic

Welcome to LysisLogic! This inaugural post navigates you on how LysisLogic came about, and how we aspire to be useful for a society experiencing an energy and social transition.